Sometimes there are perks to working as a game journalist. We’re often given some pretty cool promotional material; most of which just ends up shoved under a desk or in a cupboard. What I received this afternoon though,. is too damned amazing to be anywhere but a display case. The image above is of a box;a limited, one-in-a-thousand case I received. Here’s what’s inside.

A goddamned Batarang. with a press kit, and a handy stand.


That in itself would be cool – but as the keen observers among you might notice, there’s a screen on the thing, along with an on-and-off switch. When you flick it, it starts playing the game’s latest trailer through the single, very loud speaker located on the one wing.


Here it is, in my furry manhand, just so you can see the size.


And this is the back of the thing, because why not.


And for one last pic, here is the Batarang perched neatly on its included stand.


And yes, When I told Darryn what I’d received, he very, very nearly broke down in tears. Seriously though; this thing is amazing, and must have cost Warner a fortune not just to manufacture, but also ship out all over the world. It is quite easily the single coolest promotional merchandise I’ve ever received. Ever.

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Batman: Arkham Origins will be available on all of the current system on October 25. I’ll be playing it, hanging upside down and muttering about my dead parents.

Last Updated: September 10, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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