The Batman game that never got made

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Before Arkham Asylum and it’s bigger brother, Arkham City, became a series of games that showed developers how to make a compelling super-hero title, plans were in place for a Batman game that would have been quite out of the norm.

It was meant to be based on the alternate universe tale that had a 19th century Batman running around Gotham chasing down Jack the Ripper, presumably while local inhabitants stood dumb-founded while uttering “cor blimey” and various other clichéd phrases of surprise.

F.E.A.R games developer Day 1 Studios was behind the initial project, and had been shopping it around in order to get some support and funding, but sadly, Gotham by Gaslight had to be canned.

Some footage has seen the light of day thanks to Siliconera, and it’s apparent that Gotham would have been a foggy city with a Steampunk edge, with the Batman having access to some form of night vision. At one point in the video, he appears to be wearing wooden stakes strapped to his leg.

A little late for vampire hunting, isn’t it Mr Wayne? While it’s sad to see that such a game won’t ever be released, at least the work that Rocksteady Studios did in its iconic version changed the game for super-hero adaptations, something which wouldn’t have been possible if the Victorian era Batman project had been given the go ahead instead.

Last Updated: February 28, 2012

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