The Batmobile is looking sexy in these Batman Arkham Knight screens

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Arkham Knight GC (1)

Batman Arkham Knight might still be perhaps too far away, but as we all know, awesome takes time. There hasn’t been too much noise coming out of Gotham City in the last couple of months, but if you’re anxious for something new that involves an orphaned crime-puncher dressed as a raging man-sized bat, then here’s a bunch of new screens to get tide you over.

Arkham Knight GC (1)

Arkham Knight GC (2)

Arkham Knight GC (3)

Arkham Knight GC (4)

Arkham Knight GC (5)

You see that one screenshot there, of the civilian getting bundled into the boot of the Batmobile? Back at E3, Rocksteady explained to me that since the Batmobile was meant strictly for the dark knight, they had created a vehicle that was designed to seat only one driver. If Batman just so happened to capture a thug or one of his various arch-enemies, they’d be bolted into the compartment at the back.

Because that’s how Batman rolls, yo. Batman Arkham Knight is out next year, with certain sources thinking that it should be February, the month of love, punches and batarangs that will see the game.

Last Updated: August 15, 2014

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