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The Beatles : Rock Band Dated

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TheBeatles Harmonix, developers of Rock Band have dated and priced their Beatles-themed iteration. The game is set to release exactly ten years after Sega’s beloved Dreamcast – 09/09/09. While it’s a visually appealing date, I’d have favoured one after 9/09.

The bundle – set to appear on all two three current-gen systems will be priced at $249.99, $50 more than Rock Band 2. The instruments are said to be modelled after the Beatle’s own , although the bundle will likely not include George Harrison’s sitar. Hopefully the increased price means the inclusion of a faux plastic version of Paul McCartney’s signature Hofner violin bass. The standalone version of the game will retail at the typical $59.99, with separate guitars to be sold at $99.

Keep your eye on the game’s official – but currently desolate – site, where you can register for more information.

The six months to release should give you enough time to find four foppish wigs and master the Liverpudlian accent, so you can re-enact Beatlemania in style.

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Last Updated: March 6, 2009

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