The beautiful world of custom Amiibos

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Amiibos on their own, are actually pretty damn gorgeous to look at. Between Disney Infinity, Skylanders and Nintendo’s own grab at the toys to life genre, they just may have the very best physical figures on offer. Still, that doesn’t mean that these figures can’t be better. And when left in idle hands, you get the following masterpieces, from cosmic Pikachu to Death-Stare Luigi.

There’s a whole Tumblr dedicated to these Amiibos. Such as the aforementioned Pikachu which is made up of an entire universe:

Amiibo (1)

Captain Falcon going over 9000:

Amiibo (2)

Tough guy Pikachu:

Amiibo (3)

Flame Princess Peach

Amiibo (4)

Dankey Kong:

Amiibo (5)

Grandiser Link:

Amiibo (6)

Zero Cool Samus:

Amiibo (7)

Oh sweet Mario, put the hammer down, bloody Dedede:

Amiibo (1)


There’s a ton more on the Tumblr, with custom Amiibos to see for days on end. I’m tempted to make my own custom figure for a Nintendo game. I have a Super Mario figure right here which I was supposed to send to Geoff, but I think I’m going to keep it and work some magic on it. First things first: That moustache has to go. And so does that goofy hat. And dungarees? The 1990s called, they want their fashion back.

No, what this Mario needs, is a proper mankini, a shave and some shades. Once I’ve worked my magic on this guy, Geoff is going to be thrilled to have me as an Amiibro. Positively thrilled I say! Remember kids, friendship is about knowing your friends well, and then using said knowledge to crush their dreams and hear their lamentations. Go forth, and spread my gospel already.

Last Updated: February 23, 2015

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