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The best and the worst of the last week (26 October 2012)

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I’m back baby! Here to write the post that Geoff doesn’t want to, while he throws insults that questions my sexual habits at the same time! It’s been another thrillride of a week, with some stories shooting to kill, and others being some damn good examples of informative entertainment. Here’s a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the past week.

Best story

As much as I actually dig Call of Duty games, or the parts where my slow connection results in me being face-stabbed a hundred times during a match, hearing that gamers were playing something else made my day. It seems that Xbox Live gamers are still in love with the blocky world of Minecraft, because right now, it’s at the top of the charts.

Worst story

You might need some protection when you play Borderlands 2 in the future. Because there’s a save game issue out there in the wild, one that can crash your character that took several days of constant playing to craft.

Remember kids, prevention is better than a cure, so don’t be a loner, and cover that Gearbox boner post haste!

ION Header of the week


I returned like a BAWS this week to ION after a weekend of crispy bacon and Samsung press conferences. And I found the perfect lady with which to celebrate my return, in the form of Tess Lyndon.

Gorgeous, sultry and she comes attached with a spare PS3 controller. What more could a guy ask for?

Most popular

This week was an easy one for most commented. Medal of Honor: Game player Warfighter is out today, but it’s not exactly been tipped as game of the year material, by the press, or pretty much anyone else. That notched up quite a debate, earning itself  73 comments filled with pros, cons and threats about us being on thin ice.

Which kinda made us real happy inside.

Least popular

Good news everyone who isn’t Yolanda! We got more comments on our articles than she did about her one revolving around a live action Castlevania made by fans. Which managed to gather one entire comment yesterday.

Making all those slaps to my face with a wet fish worthwhile.

Best comment

We’re no strangers to insults over here. I can’t go a single day without my face being compared to the kneecaps of an overworked Belgian prostitute, and that’s just the morning greeting that I receive from Geoff.

But of course, there are readers out there who hate our guts. Readers who would like to see us dumped in a vat of boiling Marmite and burnt to death. Usually, we respond with logic, thought and handsome charms.

And then good ol’ Jim Lenoir sums up our feelings perfectly, when faced by a stupid threat;

Suck my nuts!

A juvenile choice? Probably? But an awesome one overall? Yer damn right it is.

Header image of the week


Hands down, Geoff wins the award for this week. We’ve been hitting the photoshop pretty hard these last couple of days, what with that awesome Assassin’s Creed contest that we’ve been running, but thanks to some genius simplicity, it’s Geoff who really tickled the funny bones this week with his scrabblicious take on the new video game rating system.

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