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The best and worst of the last week (14 September 2012)

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What time is it? Time to take a gander at what made headlines this week on Lazygamer! While Geoff is no doubt being thoroughly searched for any smuggled Skylanders figures at an American airport, we’ve had a busy week here as well. Let’s have a look, shall we?


ION Header

Despite having a name that points towards, erm, NSFW job occupations, it seems that the lovely Lacey Foxx earned high praise from all of you. Especially those of you who had seen her other work.

Worst Story and Most Popular

These two categories belong to one story this week, as EVE online gamer Sean Smith was tragically murdered by Muslim extremists. A well liked, all around nice guy according to those who knew him, Smith was gunned down by extremists who broke into the embassy where he was quietly enjoying a round of EVE Online.

The story wasn’t short of comments either, garnering over a hundred of them as the community discussed everything from ideology to the blame game.

Best Story

Borderlands 2 is coming, and we’re pretty much pumped for the game here in the office. Of course, this could all be some well-engineered marketing from the PR team at gearbox, as they whip us up into a frothy frenzy, but hey, that’s what reviews are for. And if the first review for Borderlands 2 is anything to go by, then this sequel is going to knock the original out of the park.

Least Popular

Dammit, I’m back at the bottom this week, much to Gavin’s relief. We’ve had no shortage of comments this week, but my look at riding a Resident Evil rollercoaster garnered the least of them as apparently no one cares about theme parks anymore. I blame video games.

Comment of the week

The Sho Nuff award for master comment goes to Scruff304 this week, for his chirp that gave us politically incorrect lulz, when discussing sexism in games:

Well this is more awkward then a lesbian in a sausage eating contest…

Header image of the week

A new category appears! If there’s one thing that we love doing here, it’s making funny header images. Yolanda and Gavin are addicted to memes, while Geoff and myself enjoy using more subtle jokes with alt-text gags. As for the first header image of the week, that goes to…Me, seeing as how my Mortal Kombat article generated more discussion about the accompanying imagery than the news itself.


Win win I say!

Last Updated: September 14, 2012

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