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The best and worst of the week – 12 October 2012

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With rAge week over and done with, it’s time once again to take a look at the best, worst and most unloved of the week. And when you’re all finished looking at Garth’s online profile for co-op gaming, you can read this article, which has similar themes.

ION Header


By popular demand and multiple death threats, the most loved ION header this week was clearly Jakkie Degg, who proved that sitting ugly can be so damn beautiful.

Most Popular

Whether you love or hate Gavin for his headlines that everyone somehow reads incorrectly, his take on Windows 8 being a no-go zone for more adult games, garnered the most reactions this week.

Worst Story

League of Legends is a game with a vast amount of players, bordering on the ludicrous. Unfortunately, when you’ve got so many people invested in your game, the odds of some cheating asshats creeping in increases exponentially, as Yolanda discovered in a piece about accusations of alleged misconduct in the tournament bracket of a LoL game.

Best Story

I’m a huge fan of space games, but the last time that genre was actually significant, was in a single stage from Halo": Reach. But when Chris Roberts announced that he was bringing back the idea of intergalactic space travel and combat, in one crowd-sourced game, the fans stood up and took notice, and so far, Star Citizen sounds like a fantastic idea.

Least Popular

Unlike that other Dishonorable title that releases today, no one wants this anywhere near them. And this week, it’s Yomamma Yolanda that walks away with that dubious distinction, for her rAge e-Sports article, which surprisingly, drew zero comments.

Although to be fair, the thousands of people who normally read it, were most likely already at rAge.

Comment of the week

Dishonoured is out today, and spelling it like an American be damned! Still, the game has one major selling point, and that’s a rich tapestry that creates the lore of the world within which players will exist.

In fact, it’s got so much lore, that Matewis Jubelai decided to write a ripping yarn regarding the fate of one henchman in the city of Dunwall, while stroking his Sara Jane we believe;

Poor guys 🙁 Sometimes I start to feel sorry for all the poor nameless ‘henchmen’ and guards that get slaughtered by an impossibly superior foe. Perhaps one has a name, Michael. Michael always had a sense of duty about him and took well to responsibility in school.

His grades wasn’t as good as some of his class mates so he ended up begin a guard. He was nervous before the interview because he really needed a job. I wonder what Michael were planning to do when he get home as I find him here years later dutifully on his post.

Cook a chicken? Make love to the wife/ perhaps unmarried? Go with buddy Steve to the tavern? or perhaps just kick back and relax with a good book (he’s on chapter 3 p34), and with feet in a bucket of warm water after 8 hours of walking up and down hallways. Perhaps Michael is thinking of the picnic he has planned for that special girl over the weekend. Perhaps thinking of what he should take with : Butcher John usually has fresh turkey that isnt dry.

Perhaps a sandwich with some mustard and turkey? Should Michael ask her to marry him and hide the ring in one of the sandwiches? Perhaps Michael is thinking of that the moment he spot the ‘protagonist’ as he/she comes flying at him with murderous rage in his/her eyes.

Helpless as the blade slices seamlessly through his carotid artery and he falls to the floor. Lying there awaiting the inevitable and thinking of dear old Sarah and little Jimmy. Getting darker and knowing its the end. The last images going through his head is of the ‘protagonist’ felling his good friend, fellow guardsman Shaun.

Michael used to call him Bullet, as a joke. Shaun was his friend. I think I should start seeing the world though the eyes of the Pyro. Seems to make a good deal of sense if you ask me 😉


Header image of the week


Even though around zero people picked up on it, Kudos for Geoff on his header wherein he mixed a criticism of Call of Duty visuals with the uber-popular DOTA. Because Defense of the Ancients, get it?

Yeah, Geoff had to explain that to me as well the first couple of times.

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