The best of the rest of Comic Con cosplay 2013

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The beauty of Comic Con is that if you happen to be there in civvies, then you’re the odd one out. The event sees a ton of folks descend on the geek culture mecca every year, with costumes getting more and more elaborate every year. Here’s a taste of that dedicated love for [INSERT POP CULTURE REFERENCE HERE].

Over at Tested, Norman Chan took a lot of photos of the costume madness. No, that’s an understatement. He took way more than “a lot”, and ended up with a gallery of 864 photos through this link. Check it out, it’s actually pretty awesome. Here’s some of them. Here’s a bunch of the Harley Quinn’s seen at the event, so that Gavin can cheer up.


Note to self: Cosplay as Harley Quinn next year and ruin Gavin’s fantasies forever.

It also wouldn’t be a Comic Con without Deadpool making an appearance of some sort. Well, rest assured, he was there. And managed to piss off a few religious weirdos in the process. Again.

But for a more visual look at the event, check out this wrap video from Sneaky Zebra. Great music, great participants and dutch angles. Awww yeah.

Locally, we’ve got plenty of events that also cater towards people wanting to dress up. And I dare a bunch of you to show up at rAge this year and show me what ya got.

Last Updated: July 24, 2013

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