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In an interview with MCV, 2K Head Honcho Christoph Hartmann said BioShock series could have 5 sequels, like Star Wars. However, he promises that it wont be a cash-in, so it will be unlike Star Wars then.

In the same interview he said:

“For BioShock, because it’s so story driven, the question obviously arises: how long can you do it without turning into The Matrix? The first Matrix was great, the second one was weird and the third one, you thought: ‘Who [making this] is on crack and who isn’t?’. “But, then again, look at Star Wars. It’s a fight between good and evil, just like BioShock. If we spin it the right way and get the right twist of innovation, we can make six parts of it, as Star Wars did.”

Some thoughts on this after the jump.

Did he watch the new trilogy of Star Wars? Some of that was purely cash-in, not to mention the games and the animated series. I didn’t ‘get’ BioShock but I can appreciate it as a stunning accomplishment in story and art, but five more? Thats an incredible challenge as I can only think of four series’, off the top of my head, that has had 5 or more entries and they have all been good or passable- Tekken, Burnout, Zelda, and Mario. Notice something? None of those are narrative driven or have a good narrative (Zelda’s narrative is abysmal, so Zelda fanboys stay away).

Stars Wars is an incredibly poor yardstick from which to judge a good narrative as it was one of the simplest narratives ever conceived. The Matrix, which he mentioned above, had the perfect first instalment  and it should have stopped there where a sense of satisfaction was achieved when the experience was complete. Could the same fate befall BioShock where an impossibly high bar has been set on the first attempt? We will see what BioShock: Sea of Dreams is released.

Source: MCV

Last Updated: January 8, 2009

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