The Black Ops II PC Disc Screw Up

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Oh boy; somebody’s gonna get a-hurt real bad. Some users are reporting that their PC copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops II are pretty useless – because they’re unable to install the second disc. Why not?

It seems that while the second disc might say Black Ops II, it’s actually the second disc for…Mass Effect 2, preventing installation. While you’d imagine that any large, reliable CD manufacturer would have safeguards to prevent this sort of thing happening, it’s happened anyway.

It’s likely just the discs from one particular plant and shouldn’t affect us here in South Africa [update below] – but if it does, you could always just verify your key through Steam and download the game in its entirety.

I suspect that somebody, somewhere is in a whole lot of trouble right now – especially if it results in the product being recalled.

[Thanks to eXp_ZA for the tip] [Update: We’ve received confirmation from Megarom that this issue does not affect South African purchases so you can all breathe a little easier now]

Last Updated: November 13, 2012

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