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The Borderlands 2 stock Situation

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You may have seen a picture or two floating about showing that the delayed-because-of-shipping Borderlands 2 is actually in the country on its intended release date. You weren’t supposed to see that. It’s true – and you might be wondering why you can’t have it. Here’s why.

We’ve had a chat with Megarom, the title’s distributors and yes, it is true that there is stock available – but only in limited quantities. This stock is being shipped around to the relevant retailers, with the remaining stock coming in on Tuesday. You might be spitting furious, fiery teeth, wondering then why you can’t pick the game up from a store that you know has it.

It’s unfortunately just something you’re going to have to accept. To avoid legal trouble with the Better Business Bureau and make things fair on retailers in parts of the country that don’t have stock yet, retailers are under strict instructions to only sell the stock once they’ve been given the go-ahead. In fact, so strict were their instructions that the stock wasn’t supposed to be shown or made visible – but it has, and somebody’s gonna hurt real bad.

So for purposes of Fair business – Kalahari, Takealot and other outlying retailers who don’t have stock yet would lose sales to retailers who in Johannesburg did – Megaronm’s had pretty much no choice. Here’s what They had to say about the issue on their Facebook page.

“With regards to Borderlands 2 and F1 2012, we are receiving our stock and we’re shipping it out as quickly as possible to stores around the country. In the interest of fair business practice we’ve asked the stores to hold onto the stock until early next week so that outlying stores are in-line with Johannesburg.
Due to us receiving the stock earlier than expected we will now be launching Borderlands 2 and F1 2012 on Wednesday 26th September.”

It’s not an ideal situation – but them’s the breaks.

Last Updated: September 21, 2012

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