The Bungie conference that never happened

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No Bungie Announcement

So after all that ridiculous build up around the new Bungie project the conference gets canceled.

For the love of [deity of choice] how do you go about building the hype over the last couple of months only to cancel the conference at the very last second.

I still haven’t found a really valid reason for the last minute cancellation but Bungie has answered a bunch of the most common cases after the break.

1. OMG! The announce was posted at 7! This is all part of the plan.

The news was broken to us shortly before 7 p.m. and we decided to keep with tradition to make a clean break.

2. Why leave the splash page up if it’s not happening?

We left the splash page up for the folks who didn’t see the message or were planning on tuning in the following morning before the news vanished into’s ether.

3. But Harold Ryan is only a TESTER this has to be fake!

Harold was a tester, but assumed the position of President a while ago. Crazy Wiki’s and their misinformation.

So what on earth happened?

Source: Gamerush

Last Updated: July 18, 2008

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