Snake Plissken

Hey may have escaped from New York and LA, but not even Snake Plissken could escape from a cancelled video game.

We’ve seen plenty of movie characters get their shot on a smaller screen. Most of those shots have completely missed the mark, with those adaptations being stale and terrible at best. One iconic movie character who missed out on some video game glory though?

Snake (1)Snake (2)

Anti-hero Snake Plissken, the man who was pretty much the influence behind another reptilian icon in gaming, Solid Snake. Plissken and his Escape movies are still cult favourites to this day, and back in 2005, we would have gotten a chance to see his first foray at getting out of tight spots.

Snake Plissken’s First Escape was the name of the game, and it would have starred the voice and likeness of the man himself, Kurt Russell. Check out some of the gameplay below, via Kotaku:

It was meant to be the first in a series of Snake Plissken games. Pity it never worked out well enough, and the project was scrapped.

And quite honestly, I would have played the shit out of a game starring that Hollywood icon. Call me…Snake.

Last Updated: October 2, 2013

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