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The Chaos, The Rewards, Those God Damn Rules!

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koldFU5iON from TheXboxLounge.co.za has kindly allowed me to reproduce an article he posted earlier about the Call of DUty 4 Tournament that is currently running.

We’ve been looking at creating a tournament for quite sometime and we’ve been wanting to do it in conjunction with the launch of our new site and domain. However certain delay’s have arisen and forced us to come out with something sooner. When it comes to deciding tournaments you need to create something that you’re almost sure everyone’s going to participate in. so we had a vote as at the time of posting we had a couple of options:

  • Call of Duty 4
  • Gears of War
  • Halo 3

Of course the victor by a mile was Call of Duty 4, I have to say that I think we almost missed the expiry date on the game though as it seemed to have died down before we managed to get to our registration opening, but more on that later. When it comes to creating tournaments the most difficult part is creating the rules. You have to come up with rules that will be accepted by everyone, and even then there will always be complaints. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met many people involved with LAN’s etc. and it was at a Mayhem LAN that I met TheBanMan and his crew.

TheBanMan runs a community called TheLair, their speciality is Offline/Online Leagues, mainly based on PC, they’ve been looking for the opportunity to bring Professional tournaments to Console. They’ve previously been known to run many prestigious events for companies like Arena77. It was as if it was a calling for a new relationship to form and bring professional gaming to the XBOX360 console.

TheLair took care of all the nitty gritty, the rules, the schedules, the registrations, we merely gave them the tools. It was a tough couple of weeks finalising certain criteria which we haven’t gotten 100% correct but we had to play it out to find out first. We only gave 2 weeks worth of registration time, for the tournament which was probably bad timing as it was put straight over the Easter Weekend. I think we missed a lot of clans and is one of the reasons why we only had 6 teams enter.

Registrations were interesting as we had rules up but because of our “unique” situation here in SA we had to be accommodating, we introduced a minimum broadband requirement which was then reduced to iBurst (After testing) and then we had minors keen to enter so we introduced parental consent. A couple of rules where challenged and changed, all was very acceptable as we’re making a tournament for the gamers. We were however adamant to stay with certain rules as we believe tournaments are based on skill and not splash damage.

Starting the tournament was strange, as I was in my own clan competing (Panda’s of LAWN). I’ve played Call of Duty 4 Countless times, and yet stepping into the lobby you feel that rouse of competition, that “first day of school” feeling… well let me tell you it should’ve been cause we got OWNED! but although we were beat and somewhat de-motivated it was experience that counted and I knew we weren’t out of it yet.

And this is where I really liked how the tournament was structured with two different pools the winners pool and then there’s the losers pool (or the nothing to lose pool) so even if you loose in the first round you can still make a come back. I think we’ll play differently on our next round but it should make for some interesting gaming!

anyway’s it seems that most of the teams have played through in the Winners pool Smokin’ Aces have made it through to the finals and now we’re in wait for the losers pool to select their champion. to determine the COD4 Champs!

TheBanMan500 who is the tournament administrator and referee for the game had this to say:

The COD4 tournament thus far has been an interesting display of strategies and tactics. From the word go the tournament was far paced with all teams giving away kills rather carelessly.

We are now in the middle of this tournament and we are starting to see teams slow it down and play more tactical.

As an admin I have noticed a few tactics that have seriously impressed me. It has been interesting to see teams work together and even more interesting to see teams that do not. 

I really appreciate the level of respect that has been show by the different teams. Thank you for taking yourselves, the games and the other teams seriously.

I look forward to the next tournament and hope to see an improved level ok skill as we move forward.

All of the best guys

            – thebanman

So with that guys it’s back to the battlefield tonight we find out who will be the first to leave the Tournament and who will prevail and move forward.

Last Updated: April 14, 2008

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  1. groot papa beer

    April 14, 2008 at 16:59

    thanks to everyone involved for the tournament, i’ve been having a great time!
    lol, we made the press! OORAH Smokin’ Aces!


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