The Club – Sleeper hit of 2008?

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The makers of Geometry wars may have a huge hit on their hands with The Club…

Gameplayer an Australian gaming site was lucky enough to be given a hands on preview of the game. There response?

This is John Rambo on crack, channelling Schwarzenegger’s Running Man.

They cannot be more complimentary of the game, the game itself is a mixture of Geometry wars and a first person shooter, which doesn’t sound possible to me?

The idea is that you need to get through a stage as quickly as possible and by keeping your killing streak going, everytime you kill someone your combo meter gets more power which in turn gives you more points.

If you don’t kill anyone for a while you lose your combo and you chance of getting the high score.. Yeah this game isn’t about finishing it, its about getting the highest score.

They only managed to play one level but it sounds like all they want to do is keep playing… Keep an eye out for this one next year..

Coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC

Gameplayer – Australia’s Premier Gaming Website

Last Updated: December 6, 2007

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