The cosmic cosplay of Katsucon 2014

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Cosplay! I love it, and so do plenty of other folks. While our local talent is growing each and every year, you can’t beat our American brethren when it comes to dressing up, and they’ve got the various cons to prove it. Such as the recently held Katsucon.

First up, the ever-present Beatdown Boogie attended, applied some tunes and knocked out the following video of the attendees in full garb:

But if you’re bandwidth deprived, behold the excellent photography of Mike Kowalek, who had his boots on the ground. You can see more of his fantastic imagery, on his website. I’m currently hard at work on my cosplay project for this year. Some folks say I’m taking it too far, but I say rubbish.

After all, as soon as the heavy lifting machinery gets here, I can finally uncover that secret bat cave lair that I just know is waiting below me. The only problem however, is what to do with all the builders once I’m done?

Last Updated: March 3, 2014

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