The creator of Tekken has had it up to here with “negative fans”

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I just found out a movie of a popular fighting game is being made. I plan on Tekken my girlfriend to see it.

Making a hit game in this industry, is no easy task. Continuing to develop on that initial success, while grabbing new gamers without alienating old ones? You might as well go hunting for unicorns. Tekken genius and creator knows what we’re talking about, and as far as he is concerned, he’s had enough of those fans who voice displeasure at everything.

Katsuhiro Harada recently went on to Twitter to get some ranting done, targeting those fans who constantly complain about the state of the game. “I believe that, before whining and complaining about everything, you need practice at taking a step back and analyzing things objectively”, Harada said.

“And also at being an adult”. Harada then explained in detail why some games changed voice actors and dropped characters, an aspect of the Tekken games that always seems to rile the fans up.

I have even complied to the requests of you all spamming me to ‘bring back characters’ from previous instalments. You often say, ‘Let’s show the dev team how sincere we are by buying two copies if they bring back character X’, but did you really go through with it?”

I will continue to sincerely comply with fan requests. However, I can’t continue to engage the negative ones that, without knowing what you are talking about, or even thinking about what you are saying, blindly repeat ‘bring back, bring back, bring back…

After this lengthy explanation, I will be quite surprised if there are still people who still don’t get it. Thanks for understanding or not understanding. Whatever.

The man has a point. With games becoming more and more complex to create, knowing what to keep and what to ditch is a crucial factor, and after so many years behind the Tekken wheel, Harada must know what he is doing, not some know it all fan with entitlement issues.

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However, if you think Harada is wrong, drop him a tweet, as the Namco employee spends hours each day getting back to people. Although with that rant out of the way, he might just start ignoring people with the same complaints.

Last Updated: June 26, 2012

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