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The CS:GO World Championships 2015 kick off next week

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If it’s one thing I miss, it’s my glory Counter-Strike days. I used to be amazing – my spray and pray tactics yielded more headshots than a typical episode of The Walking Dead! That time is long gone sadly, as each time I give Valve’s bomb-defuse simulator a go, I end up rage quitting thanks to some pro shooting me through a wall from the other side of the map with a glock while aiming at the ground with their eyes closed. No really, the game takes true skill*, which is why only the best can have a shot at the large prize pool in the upcoming CS:GO World Championships.

The tournament is being hosted by E-Frag and Hitbox. The qualifiers kick off next Monday, the 18th of May, and will see 76 teams from around the world fighting it out over the next few months for a spot in the top 16. Those tops teams will then go on to play in the LAN finals in October.

Here’s what Daniel Leberl, CCO of Hitbox has said about the event (via Gosu Gamers):

“Last year’s European Championships and the upcoming World Championships bring something unique to the CS:GO scene. A true nations based tournament, uniting some of the best players from around the globe. Extraordinary matchups will be a regular occurrence, with lineups you previously only were able to see in fantasy drafts. It goes without saying that we are enormously excited to see all this action live and exclusive on Hitbox.”

It sounds pretty darned good! Here’s a neat infographic filled with all the relevant information you need to know if you’re interested:


Hey, there’s a South African team there! I think I need to grab Ryan “Snowflake” Boyes for comment at some point to find out what his feelings are about the whole event.

While I’m all for tournaments such as the one above, I wonder how long it will be before Valve come along and host their own tournament. It’s not like they haven’t spoken about it before. Still, hats off to Hitbox and E-Frag for hosting a tournament that brings together teams from all corners of the world. I think it’s going to be spectacular!

*I’m not even being sarcastic. I have massive respect for good CS players because OMG ARE THEY EVEN HUMAN?

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Last Updated: May 14, 2015

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