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I mentioned yesterday how I was knocked for a six by the level of cosplay professionalism at rAge. I think everyone who took part, honestly deserves a round of applause and it was fantastic seeing that appreciation from the rAge crowds. Unfortunately with an event this big, a few bad apples are bound to spoil the fun.

Over on the Cosplay SA Facebook page, there’s numerous accounts of how our local cosplayers had some difficulties with certain members of the public. Some got groped inappropriately, others were heckled, and there’s even a few accounts of cosplayers being man-handled like pieces of meat.

Hell, just sitting in the chill area and talking to Donovan Noyle, who had been rocking an incredible Venom costume for most of the day, revealed some of the careless attitude that some attendees had as he told me how his hard work had been broken by one flippant and unapologetic visitor.

And as big as the cosplay event was this year, we still have to realise that this is a fairly new concept in South Africa. A lot of folks don’t know that there’s a general etiquette that goes with this hobby, that would make the experience fun and safe for all involved.

But at the same time, I’d recommend that cosplayers have a buddy system in place when attending larger events. Having a spotter on hand to watch out for you works wonders, and is a practice widely used in the international cosplaying scene.

Not to mention the fact that the Cosplay chill area could have done with a little bit of security, as numerous cosplayers were still getting mobbed for photos despite being dead on their feet after a hard day of trooping around.

There’s still room to grow with our local cosplay scene, and I’d hate to see it ruined by the few, the childish and the hateful. People need to realise that even the simplest costume has hours of work poured into it, and the passion that fuels this hobby is just as intense as any other hobby. And spreading a little bit of public education for the next big event, as part of a concerted effort from the cosplay community, couldn’t hurt either.


Last Updated: October 8, 2013

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