The development team for Resident Evil 6 numbers over 600

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Big game, big budget, and now, Resident Evil 6 has one of the largest staffs working on a single game possible. Hiroyuki Kobayashi, executive producer for Resident Evil 6 recently took to the interwebs to talk about this, detailing how the upcoming game has over 600 people working on the zombie-packed game at the moment.

It’s the largest ever crew to work on a Capcom game, far surpassing the amount of people working on that other Capcom title, Dragons Dogma, which clocks in at around 150 staffers.

According to Kobayashi in a video he uploaded for fans, the larger staff was needed for the latest instalment of the game, as Resident Evil 6 has “a larger world and deeper experience than you have played before,” all rolled into a “blend of action and survival horror”, Kobayashi said.

More from Kobayashi below in the video:

Are we looking at an open world Resident Evil, drifting far, far away from it’s linear roots? Sweet T-Virus, I do hope so indeed.

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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