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The Division – How to easily get High-End gear

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I’ve yet to reach level 30 in The Division, but even at 21, I’m feeling a hell of a lot stronger than I was when I was a piddly single-digit agent. It’s not just the usual and obvious upgrades that came with my level gains however, but rather the particularly satisfying loot of The Division that keeps pushing me forward to tackle tougher challenges and enemies.

And such wonderful loot it is. I’m in a comfortable position outside of the Dark Zone where I can earn enough to acquire rare fuchsia level gear and weapons, items which come with several perks and exceedingly higher levels of numbers. But, there’s even better loot out there, with even more mathematical bonuses just waiting.

That’s what it’s all about really. Getting the best stuff that you can, as quickly as possible. So what’s a  good farming method for doing so then? Over on Imgur and Reddit, AZ has whipped up some really great tips on acquiring some gold to flaunt. The step breakdown works like this:

Get the Vector 45 ACP, spec your gear

Division gold (5)

A blueprint for this SMG is available at the advanced vendor in your Base of Operations, and retails for 22 of your endgame Phoenix Credits (Edit: You’ll be paying a LOT more for it now, around 160 PC). Buy it, craft it and use it. This little beast can absolutely shred any close-range to mid-range enemies, provided that you’ve specced your gear properly. Scavenger bonuses are your friend here, so plan accordingly. Or use whatever suits you. I won’t judge.

Hit the Lexington Event Center

Division gold (4)

Easy, yet challenging on higher attempts. There’s plenty of choke-points here, so you can draw enemies in for easy kills and suppression.

Bring your friends

Division gold (3)

Safety in numbers after all. Two is doable with this event on the highest difficulty setting, three is preferred and four is the best. Everyone has a job to do, so plan accordingly and know your role. If everyone is level 30, even better.

The mission itself

Division gold (2)

Remember, you’re going to face plenty of shotgun rushers, those bastards with baseball bats and that massive rooftop battle which can tear you apart in seconds. Get rid of the snipers as quickly as possible, and keep an eye out for LMG soldiers who’ll try and supress you from flanking them. Remember, you’ve got shock, explosive and incendiary ammo. Use it if you can, don;t always hoard the stuff.

There’s plenty of other strategies to make use of, so find what works best for your team.

The pay-off

Division gold (1)

A successful run will net you almost 20 000 credits and another 30 Phoenix credits. Not bad for a mission which can be done in around 20 minutes or so, right? PLUS, there’s a guaranteed high-end item drop every time. You might get a duplicate with successive runs, but that’s what crafting is for, right? Rinse and repeat, and you’ll soon be singing about how much you loooooooooooove gooooooooooooold.

Last Updated: March 15, 2016

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