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The Division’s “Snowdrop engine” keeps impressing

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Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy-branded online, multiplayer survival shooter RPG The Division is coming to PC and the new consoles later this year. It’s powered by Massive entertainment’s shiny new Snowdrop engine, which its creators say will allow smaller teams to make big, high-end AAA titles with relative ease.

Massive Entertainment brand art director Rodrigo Cortes, in an interview with Gamerhub, said that the engine allows a smaller team like Massive to makes games that could compete with "the biggest in the industry".

"We started to work on this engine very early on, like around five years ago, thinking of what would be coming in the next generation – where where the challenges – and also looking at the constraints we have," Cortes said in the interview, which is embedded below.

"We’re in Sweden, we have a way of working where we don’t have much people for the type of games we want to make. So we wanted to make a triple-A game that would compete with the biggest in the industry while having a reasonably-sized studio like Massive.

So the whole development  very early on was based on those constraints – ‘how are we going to tackle next-gen, how are we going to tackle triple-A production?’, and the solution was to make a new engine. And it was coupled to The Division very early on," he said.

The Division stole the show at Ubisoft’s E3 conference last year, and certainly had us quite intrigued, even bagging our best new IP award last year. Here’s that interview, with snippets of the rather impressive engine at work.


Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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