The Dota 2 Aegis of Champions collectible will cost you only $417

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Valve are literally doing this right now

I am an absolute sucker for Dota 2 merchandise. At Gamescom last year, I spent more time at the Valve store than I spent doing coverage of the expo itself (not really true, but I’m trying to make a point here dammit). I converted far too many Randelas to Euros to get completely unnecessary goods like plushies and t-shirts spawned from my beloved MOBA, and you know what, I don’t regret spending a cent! Now imagine my joy at seeing a brand new collectible being unveiled for The International. It’s a little Aegis of Champions, and I must have it!

The Collector’s Aegis of Champions

Here’s the official blurb from Valve and what the Dota 2 collectible looks like:

With The International just around the corner, we’d like to announce an exclusive reward, the 2015 Collector’s Aegis of Champions. The Collector’s Aegis is a 1/5th scale alloy replica, with antique brass plating, of the winner’s trophy at The International. Inscribed on the back with the year and a gold finished insignia signifying this year’s theme, the Collector’s Aegis is a symbol to reward those whose Compendium Level has reached 1000.


Sure, it looks really neat, and I want it to the moon and back. The cost of getting one though? A LEVEL 1000 COMPENDIUM?

Mathematical calculations… SCIENCE!

Let’s do some quick maths, assuming the average player with a level 1 tournament booklet wants to throw enough cash into it to reach the appropriate level:

Cost per level:

5 levels – $2.49
11 levels – $4.99
24 levels – $9.99

Purchases required to hit level 1000:

41 x 24 levels = 984
1 x 11 levels = 11
1 x 5 levels = 5

984 + 11 + 5 = 1000

Grand ridiculous total Valve expects us to cough up:

41 x 9.99 = $409.59
1 x 4.99= $4.99
1 x 2.49 = $2.49

409.59 + 4.99 + 2.49 = $417.07


With the current exchange rate (R12.48 to $1), that brings the grand total of that little collector’s item to R5205.03. Guess I don’t want one as badly as I thought I did! Seriously, what the hell Valve? That is ludicrous! I mean, I expect any collectible to have a premium price, but I feel this really is just taking the piss now.

The sad thing is, some people will cough up the cash, even if it is a ridiculous amount. Will you be one of them? Even if I could afford it, I don’t know if I could bring myself to purchase a teeny Aegis of Champions.


Last Updated: July 9, 2015

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