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The EA conference: What did we see?

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Today was the official start of Gamescom, and we attended the EA conference. Did they have any special announcements up their sleeves?

The conference kicked off with some Dragon Age Inquisition. I have n0 experience with this particular series, but man, does it look really good. It was a visual treat, with atmospheric rain and shiny helmet effects for days. The gameplay looks really neat too. There is a tactical camera which allows you to plan out what your party will do in combat. It can be used at will, meaning you can adjust your strategies on the fly.

EA are generally associated with sport, and boy did they have sport news to announce. Unfortunately, none of us in attendance really care much for the simulated art of human theatre, but fans will more than likely enjoy what Fifa 15 and Fifa World will bring to the football table this year. There was also some NHL15 on show. It looks really good in terms of visuals. Still, it’s something we wouldn’t personally enjoy, but fans will probably adore.

There was also Sims. So much stuff on Sims. There were 4 people on stage doing SOMETHING on their PC screens, we just had no idea how it tied in with the demonstration. Titanfall made an appearance too with some upcoming content. I honestly couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for it. There are no local servers, which thus results in zero interest on my part.

There was actually a new IP called Shadow Realms shown. It looks like it will pay homage to some good old fashioned Pen and Paper RPG, with somebody fulfilling the role of the game master, and others facing any trials they may set.

Battlefield Hardline was the last game on show. People may be scoffing at the cops and robbers multiplayer, but the single player really might be something special. It looks a lot like Far Cry, and it looks really good. I like that it doesn’t seem to be following the typical “you’re a soldier, go shoot stuff” formula. Some new  multiplayer was revealed too. It reminds me of Counter-Strike, with 5 v 5 one life only gameplay that involves rescuing hostages.

If you couldn’t care less about what I just typed, you can watch me waffle with the others instead. And that’s about it. There was nothing really mind blowing, the above is all that really stood out for me. Did anything stand out for you?

Last Updated: August 14, 2014

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