The Elder Scrolls Online is perfect for consoles

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MMOs on consoles is a somewhat new concept to get used to, it is however a reality and will be something seen more and more in the future. The Elder Scrolls Online will make it so.

While taking an MMO like World of Warcraft to console might not be possible, games like Tera prove that MMOs can be played with a controller. The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to next-gen consoles as well as PC and Mac. The way the game is designed makes it the perfect candidate for consoles.

In the video below the lead designer of The Elder Scrolls Online, Nick Konkle discusses some console details.

As Konkle explains, because you’ll only have six key abilities in the game it makes it perfect for consoles and playing with a controller because of the controls mapping. These six abilities will define your character. In many other MMOs players have various spells and abilities to choose from, although if you’re a seasoned player you’ll only be using a handful of them anyway.

The difference between console and PC MMO play is that on console players won’t be able to make use of macros as many players do on PC, but with your limited amount of abilities in ESO you probably won’t need any macros.

You can tell from the gameplay in the video that ESO will have very similar combat and gameplay to Skyrim, something else that greatly contributes to the game being suited for console. The biggest challenge for the developers will be getting patches and updates out on time for consoles. The other factor to keep in mind is subscription, as gamers will have to pay monthly subscription to Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus to be able to play multiplayer games online.

Last Updated: July 18, 2013

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