The evolution of Warframe over the past two years

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Hey, what’s your favourite action space ninja hack and slash action simulator game? If your answer was anything but Warframe, then we can no longer be friends… yes, even if we weren’t in the first place! The free-to-play game has changed lots over the past few years. Just how much you ask? Well, Digital Extreme, the developers, have released a neat infographic, and I know just how much you all love stats. THE NUMBERS TENNO, WHAT DO THEY MEAN?

I honestly had no idea that the game was two years old already, I only started playing a few months ago! Check out how Warframe has evolved (via the Official Warframe Facebook Page)


If for some unknown reason you have no idea what Warframe, I’ll shorten the description I gave at the opening of this article. It’s space ninjas, as simple as that.

You take the role of a member of Tenno, bad ass warriors woken from centuries of sleep, out to slice and shoot EVERYTHING because REASONS. In order to do this, you get to equip an exosuit, known as a Warframe. Each of the 29 available on offer have their own unique special abilities and stats.

What makes the game stand out though is the fun gameplay and co-op. As you can see from the infographic, there are 17 different mission types, all taking place across more than 10 environments. What they have left out from the infographic is the number of weapons a player can use. There are dozens, and new ones also get added quite frequently.

The best part? It’s all completely free to play! New gear can be paid for with real money, but can be farmed up too.

Every gamer owes it to themself to at least try out Warframe. I wonder what this infographic will look like in two years time? I can only see the game getting bigger and better, because that’s what it has spent the last two years doing.

(November 25, 2014

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