The Exclusive Uncharted Trilogy War

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With Gears of War 3 coming, everyone is just going to have to put up with a stream of news about the game. If you don’t have an Xbox 360 and do have a Playstation 3, it could be a little aggravating hearing about it all week long from your friends that do own a 360. Your response? Uncharted 3. Full stop.

Since we’ll be hearing his voice as Griffin in the game, Ice T unboxes the exclusive replica Retro Lancer!

While some 360 fans can salivate over the potential of receiving a lancer, every PS3 fan can be smug that they WILL get to see Uncharted 3 visuals. Apparently it’ll make to one disc, that’s 50 GB of pure visual awesomeness. Maybe that Blu-ray player rumoured for the 360 is going to be more than just a rumour. Two disc gaming is very last century.

Last Updated: September 9, 2011

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