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The Expendables will be making an explosive debut on console soon

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All the comparisons between Colonel Gaddafi and Sylvester Stallone's mum have caused Hollywood to reissue the Stallone movie; Stop, or my Muammar will shoot.

In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s a film sequel on the way starring the greatest collection of badasses that has ever lived. No, I’m not talking about that project I made starring myself and the rest of the crew from the sites we work for, Lazygamer: How we stopped Man-Bear-Pig-Bin Laden, but rather, The Expendables 2.

And of course, there’s a game to go with it.

Ubisoft will be releasing a tie-in game for the upcoming sequel, that will aim to harness the excess testosterone, adrenaline and explosions from that flick, into one coherent game. It’ll contain 3 player co-op, as gamers will take control of the infamous mercenaries as they attempt to rescue “an extremely valuable, kidnapped billionaire,” which naturally leads to a situation where all “hell breaks loose” in an “explosive mix of testosterone and kerosene.”

The game will release in time for the film, on PC, XBLA and the PSN. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on these screenshots , starring the Italian Stallion and friends.


Last Updated: June 29, 2012

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