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The Faceless are hiding in civilians in XCOM 2

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Earlier this week, I told you about a new XCOM 2 enemy that was revealed by Firaxis at PAX Prime. We only had a grainy reveal video to go on, and no real information. While the details are still scarce, an updated enemy page does give some more clues about what we can expect.

According to the briefing, the Faceless will appear like civilians. Until they kill you, of course.

Commander, our scientists have discovered a new threat to XCOM: the Faceless.

The aliens’ power of genetic manipulation knows no bounds. Operatives have discovered that the Faceless transforms from a seemingly ordinary looking human into the towering monstrosity you see pictured above. In its transformed state, the Faceless stands nearly one story tall, with an exaggerated reach and strength relative to its full form.

Take care to note the long talons of the Faceless. Central advises dispatching this unit from afar, Commander.

Unfortunately, we have no intel on how to identify a Faceless unit prior to its transformation. So, beware any civilian caught on the battlefield – they could be a Faceless in disguise.

Exaggerated reach and strength? Yeah, definitely take these guys out from afar. Then again, if you think you’re saving an ordinary human, you might already be too close. That will seriously freak me out during gameplay if that poor person in need of saving suddenly turns into a vagina-faced monster with super strength and range.

XCOM 2 is looking great – I just wish it weren’t delayed into next year so that I could already book out some time to play it during the December break. Oh well, suppose it just means I’ll need to take time off early next year for all the games releasing during Q1 2016.

Last Updated: September 18, 2015

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