The Final Fantasy XV demo is yours to keep

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There was some controversy around the Final Fantasy XV demo, aka Episode Duscae. Was it going to be included in all copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? Would it magically disappear from your console’s hard drive after a while? All your burning questions are answered. Maybe.

First up, the demo will be available in the first print of the physical launch edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The code will be valid until 20 March 2016, so you basically have a year to redeem the demo code. Once you do, the demo is yours to keep until you decide to delete it from your console, or your console goes through one of those crashes that requires you to wipe your HD.

Alright so the demo won’t just be playable for a limited time – we’ll be able to delve into all the secrets, exploration and whatever else is hidden in the demo. Oh, and here are some pretty screenshots for you while we’re at it.

I have some new concerns, though. I haven’t seen a demo experience this hyped since the Destiny Beta. Yes, I know a Beta and demo are different, but they have the same overall impact; people are given a sliver of the game to play, go mad for it and pre-order like crazy. Afterwards, the game will struggle to live up to the hype.

Also, if the demo will last forever and the demo code is valid for a year, I’d bet that the earliest that we can hope to see FF XV released into the wild is for the holiday period next year. It could even be longer. I know it’s going to be a massive game, with an equally massive demo; I just hope that all this development time isn’t blurring the lines and taking away from the Final Fantasy soul. It’s already sounding like it’s borrowing some elements from Dark Souls with the leveling at camp – could we see a Final Fantasy game with a totally different gameplay style to anything we’ve ever seen? I don’t mind – Final Fantasy VII through X were nothing like the original Final Fantasy that I loved on the original Nintendo, but they all still had that same soul of the franchise. As long as Tabata-san stays true to that, I’m with him for this new JRPG adventure. Even if I still have to wait another two years to play the real thing.

Last Updated: February 17, 2015

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