The first TitanFall DLC breaks cover

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TitanFall was our first truly next gen shooter with its focus on the Xbox One and Azure cloud computing so while it is annoying that it doesn’t work properly in South Africa I am interested in seeing how their DLC plans roll out as it gives us an indication of what EA are planning for the next 5 years.

And unsurprisingly it isn’t looking very good. But let’s start with the good and take a look at the official Titan Fall: Expedition trailer showcasing the new maps.

For those without video privileges or sound at work then here is the basic idea of what the trailer includes.


The first new map is Swampland which looks like it could be fantastic with pilots able to traverse the trees to move through the swamp at extreme speed. The Titans can use the trees for partial cover but it does look like this map is weighted more towards the pilots and could result in some epic treetop fights.

There are also some old ruins for your standard close-quarter battles.

Run Off

Next up we are back into factories with three main levels of play taking pilots on the roof tops, normal walkways and then underground.

It also has some long site lines for those annoying snipers to take full advantage of.

War Games

Last but not least, maybe, we have Wargames is a purpose-made map similar in aesthetic to the initial training module of TitanFall.

It features clearly marked wall-running spots and small confined alleyways to take some of the power away from the massive Titans.

That’s it

And that’s it, 3 maps and nothing else.

Now I don’t know about you but that feels a little light as DLC for a game that is a little light in content to begin with.

We didn’t get any more game modes, still no single player and no extra weapons or special abilities.

To put it in comparison to Call of Duty, their latest DLC pack entitled Devastation included

  • 4 new multiplayer maps
  • 1 new weapon
  • A new episode for the Extinction mini game in the game

Both DLC packs cost the the same and I for one just don’t agree that 3 maps is worth the expense. Titanfall has some of the best gameplay I’ve experienced in quite some time but EA and Respawn are at risk of losing gamer trust if they continue to short-change us.

Expedition will be available to download on the 15th of May for the Xbox One and PC, no date has been set for the 360 version.

Last Updated: May 14, 2014

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