The future of Unreal Tournament to be revealed on May 8

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If there’s one game that consumed far too many hours of my life, it has to be Unreal Tournament. Grabbing a pulse rifle, going on a rampage and waiting to hear an announcer shout “MULTI-KILL” are just a few of the highlights of that rad shooter. And it’s high time that a new version was developed.

According to Epic Games’ Paul Meegan and Mark Rein, Unreal Tournament is making a comeback. Here’s a trio of  not so cryptic tweets to get your double Enforcer pistols hot and ready:

 When you think about, now is the perfect time to bring back Unreal Tournament. Online shooters are once again back in fashion, with high profile games such as Titanfall managing to toss out the single-player side of things completely. Throw in another upcoming high profile game such as Evolve which is also aiming to be primarily online with team-based attitude, and you’ll see my reasoning.

But Unreal Tournament? That game holds a special place in my heart, with any version at any time being a well-aged slice of death and frantic kills.

Last Updated: May 5, 2014

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