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The Gamers Gate Specials – 05 August 2013

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Specials! Get yer specials right here! Want a new game, fast and in a hurry before that clock stops counting down? Well here ya go then, here are three such games with a lowered price tag for you.

Hotline Miami

Want a game that is easy, generic and loaded with visuals that’ll break your graphics card? Then Hotline Miami isn’t the game that you were looking for. Instead, this retro indie is a classic ball-breaker in which players take up arms to dish out some top-down violence.

It’s gritty, hard as nails and somehow horribly addictive, one of the many reasons why Hotline Miami has been the darling of the indie scene as of late.



Binary Domain

One of the most underrated action games of this generation, Binary Domain is a cheesy throwback to action movies that throws in some solid shooting and design into the package.

There’s trouble brewing, and only one international squad of soldiers can help save the day before humanity falls victim to their own robotic creations. Fast-paced, addictive and memorable when experienced, Binary Domain is the game that should have sold better, but never got that chance to shine.



Torchlight II

The first Torchlight may have been an enjoyable game, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t without fault. On the other hand though, Torchlight II improved upon the original formula immensely, polishing and focusing on the plus points. And in a year in which Diablo III was released, Torchlight was seen as the much better clicker of the two RPGs.

It doesn’t exactly innovate the RPG genre, but what it does do is make that category of gaming far more fun to experience.



Last Updated: August 5, 2013

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