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The Gamescom teaser trailer for Mirror’s Edge looks rather good

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Mirror’s Edge sounds fantastic. A compelling story with a cool protagonist with some first-person parkour that looks ridiculously smooth? I think just about everyone is on board. Plus, thanks to Dying Light, I think gamers have learned what to expect from first person parkour. This teaser, though, looks incredibly slick.

Here is the video revealed over on the Mirror’s Edge twitter account:

We should be seeing the rest of the trailer on Wednesday when EA hosts their press conference, showing off all the most anticipated games like Mirror’s Edge, Battlefront and Unravel, and then making poor Sandy and Matty sit through that usual sports stuff, too. Still, it will be worth it for a longer taste of Mirror’s Edge and Battlefront.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 23 February 2016, which really isn’t all that far away now. Okay, it is next year, but at least it’s early next year, during that time period when people have finished with their holiday games and are looking for the next great thing to grab their attention. I’m just hoping that I can play the game this time. I might just buy myself some Valoids in case, although EA keeps stressing that this Mirror’s Edge won’t cause nearly as much simulator sickness as the last one did.

Last Updated: August 4, 2015

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