The Gears of War Remaster is real. Here’s some leaked footage

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While we still have no idea what Gears of War: Ultimate Edition really is; whether it’s a remastered collection or just the first game. What we do know, thanks to some leaky Brazilians is that it exists. And now, thanks to other leaky bits of the internet, we get to show it to you in action.

There’s a bit of footage of the early tests versions that were recorded and uploaded in February this year, but have somehow managed to avoid detection – until now. They were recorded using the Xbox DVR prior to the 60fps update, so don’t show some of what makes the remaster better; the silky smooth frame rate. It also seems to have better lighting, reflections, shinier textures and…well, that’s about all, really. Rumour suggests the cut-scenes have all been remade, and that the up-rezzed, shinier remaster is being handled Brink developer Splash Damage.

Considering we’ve seen nothing but stuff from the first Gears of War, it’s starting to look like it’ll be released piecemeal, instead of as a Masterchief-styled collection of all of the previous games.

And, because the internet is indeed a leaky thing, here’s some offscreen footage of the remaster’s multiplayer. In Spanish!

I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing Gears of War:Utimate Edition make its debut at E3 this year – something I predict will be followed up with by some footage, or at the very least a trailer for Black Tusk’s new Gears of War.  Me? I’m just happy to see Canals again. Bring on Rooftops!

Last Updated: May 14, 2015

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