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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week (03 May 2013)

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Man, this has been one incredibly long four day week. Well, not for me really. Ya see, I dodn’t see the point of coming in on the Tuesday. Or the Monday, or the month before that. Thank the Asgardian gods for cheap Korean labour.

Best Story

I’m with Gavin on this one. I really, really like the idea of Microsoft’s Illumiroom. There’s potential there, and combine that with a better Kinect, and we might finally have some Minorty Report style menus.

And buddy, I would love me some of that Stark holo-tech.

Worst Story

I wasn’t expecting too much from the licensed Star Trek video game. But upon finding out that the full product was a messy bastard child of several genres that couldn’t even get one thing right, just made me depressed.

And according to Geoff’s scathing review, this is one game that deserves to be flushed down the space-loo with the captain’s log.

Best ION Header


In the words of Lucy Liu from the highly underrated 1999 Mel Gibson movie “Payback”…Hubba hubba Charlie Boyd.

Most Comments

Finally. After months of being upstaged at the 11th hour by the combined trolling powers of the Trolleteers, Gavin, Geoff and Zoe, I was victorious. It’s a running joke that every single time I’m close to getting the most comments of the week, I’m overtaken with a cheap shot.

And our latest writer, Zoe almost did just that, but not even the mighty Call of Duty could withstand the 114 comment Blitzkrieg that my Xbox sub post generated.

In the words of Sean Connery…THE DAY ISH MINE!

Least Comments

I think Zoe has had a really good first week so far. You guys like her, she likes you and her husband resembles Diamond Dallas Page, so beware if he offers to give you a Diamond Cutter. That being said, Zoe has also received the least comments this week, which makes the rest of us happy.

Because at least we now have something to finally tease her about.

Batman Of The Week

And continuing my dominating streak this week, yours truly has once again assumed control of the mantle of the Batman. It’s good to be bat.

I am the baaaaaaaaaaaaatman

Obviously, Geoff was not happy about this:


Header Image Of The Week


Screw it. This week, I was awesome, and while I won’t let my ego get out of control, I was clearly better than everyone else this week. Now avert your gaze, and stare upon this cleverly photoshopped cross between sports entertainment and a great movie, as I ascend my crystal staircase!

Comment Of The Week

This one goes out to everyone who took part in that ridiculously funny Call of Duty: Ghosts thread in one of the IONs this week. Truly, you lads made me chuckle like a ticklish Japanese schoolgirl.

Last Updated: May 3, 2013

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