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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 12 September 2014

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Man it’s hot. I would go take a swim, but my pool is now covered in about 568 layers of fallen leaves. Dammit trees, it’s Spring for crying out loud, not August! Oh right, the wrap up. Sorry, I often get distracted by OH COME ON LEAVES STOP FALLING!

Best Story

Destiny is out this week, that’s good news, right? What do you think of the game?

Also, Logitech are putting together a neat sponsorship which will be fought for this weekend. Let’s not forget about Divinity: Original Sin. The kickstarter game has gone on top be a huge success!

Worst Story

While I’m not a big Xbox fan myself, it does make me sad to see that the poor thing is failing so hard in Japan. Maybe Bill can fly on over and hand some out to the masses? That might help somewhat!

I also can’t believe that ESPN don’t see eSport as a sport. What blows me away is that some gamers agree with them. ALL MY RABID CLICKING COUNTS AS PHYSICAL EXERTION IN MY BOOK MMMKAY! I’ve seen this damn piece of news debated on just about every platform, including a Whatsapp group with all my gaming friends.

Random Story

Smart watches. What are they even? While I don’t quite get the fad myself, It looks like this piece of tech may well be the next big thing in gaming. That seems a bit over the top to me!

Best ION Header


What the heck is this device? Oh it’s a magic wand. I should get one and add it to my Harry Potter merchandise!

Most Comments

PC gamers really are a bunch of cheapskates. Seriously, 236 comments where people offered up their 2c? BRB checking Steam sales!

Least Comments

HAHA, some idiot only got 1 comment on their article. I wonder who that poor sap… oh. Nevermind, nothing to see here, move right along! You too Umar… ssssh, let’s just pretend this never happened!

Batman Of The Week


I’m so tired of Geoff being the caped crusader, seriously. Could we please get a Bane in to break his back, I mean his winning streak?

Cabbage Of The Week


I have accepted the cabbage award many a time! I think it’s time to get my own sidekick. Say hello to Cabbage-Pup! He will… go well in a vegetable soup. YEAH, SUPER POWERS!

Header Image Of The Week


Awwww what a cute kid. Who does it belong to, I wonder?

Comment Of The Week

Some couples really have it tough, especially when trying to get their significant other to take part in gaming goodness. Poor Nahuel Graziani… what people will do for love!

Tried to introduce my girlfriend into gaming. She wanted a High-School Musical game with a dance mat. She made me dance with her. We danced a lot. This was not the kind of co-op gaming I expected, Gears of War would have sufficed.

Bonus Premium Content

Why yes, I do have a visuals for you today! I totally didn’t steal this video from a certain Wookiee’s Website

Last Updated: September 12, 2014

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