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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the last week (14 February 2014)

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Aural sex

You know what it means if you’re reading this. You are more than halfway through Friday, which really means its the weekend. Yay! It’s pants-less time! Oh no wait, don’t do that if you’re still at work. Here’s your favorite part of the week, when we mock the winners and losers among us.

Best Story

Sure, some of you may think that Titanfall beta access is the best thing ever, but you would be wrong. The idea of Broforce spreading it’s sweaty, testosterone fueled epic-awesomeness across more platforms, is simply fantastic.

Worst Story

So many candidates for this one. It’s never good when people lose their jobs, and the MSSA continuing to misrepresent themselves is also unpleasant. But really, King continuing with their awful lawsuits really takes the cake, or is it the chocolate?

Best ION Header

Alodia Gosiengfiao

I’m thoroughly enjoying this Cosplay Wednesday ION. I did request that Darryn used some male cosplay as well, but his gender confusion proved to cross all boundaries as he said he often couldn’t tell the boys from the girls anyway.

Most Comments

I win I win I win! The internet descended upon my TESO preview to tell me that my opinions were wrong. Yay!

Least Comments

Aw, poor Stephen. No one cared about his article about Spelunky getting an update.

Batman of the Week

Daniel day batman

I don’t want to whine or anything, but you should all know just how close I came to being Batman. I mean, really close. But noooooo, you all just had to love Geoff more than me. Which, I suppose is understandable. He is sorta more awesome than the rest of us.

Header Image of the Week


While technically not a header image, the guys did some amazing work with photoshop for our awesome mash-up article. We really did giggle far too much coming up with epic names, and Geoff blew me away with this image – he even changed the character icon in the upper corner.

Comment of the Week

This oldie but goodie comes from TiMsTeR1033 from the article about EA seeing the Battlefield 4 launch as successful:

Ramsay unfinished EA

Last Updated: February 14, 2014

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