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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 15 November 2013

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I seriously think we need a proper jingle for this feature. Or sex tapes. Anyway, here’s what happened in Lazygamer Land over the last week!

Best Story

Guys, I know that the Playstation 4 has arrived. That is big news. But I’m also an incredibly small-minded and petty individual due to the fact that I still have to wait another month, which is why I’m far happier that the Oculus Rift is getting the porn game that no one asked for.

Kinect and touch pad technology, eat your hearts out. Or give a hand at least.

Actually, I’m just joking. The real best news that this week had to offer, was that locally-produced game Pixel Boy just got the Greenlight on Steam. That’s a hell of an achievement, and proof that the community believes in the game itself. Way to go guys, can’t wait to see you all knock it out of the park.

Worst Story

Even if a game doesn’t turn out to be fantastic, there’s a still a ton of work that went into it. And the people behind the product, do deserve some form of remuneration. Which is why it saddened me to hear that software pirates cracked the hell out of Football Manager 2013, depriving the studio behind that game from some decent cash.

Best ION Header


Admit it fellas: You all missed me when I was in Anaheim for two very good reasons, amirite?

Most Comments

Geoff gets most comments, after the internet discovered that the Playstation 4 might have a few teething problems. Such as not being able to even work properly with Sony TVs.

Least Comments

Sorry Zoe, you get least comments once again, for your Professor Layton review. Although to be honest, it’s probably because everyone playing the game still haven’t finished enough puzzles to get up and comment.

Batman Of The Week

Mawster wayne

So I’m gone for a week and Geoff gets to be Batman by a massive margin? HOLLLOW VICTORY! HAX! SHENANIGAN! I’M NOT BITTER!

Header Image Of The Week


According to Geoff, local are lekker hey, which is what he said after he made this header image. He then proceeded to wear short shorts, drink witblitz and watch Poena is Koning for the seventh time that day.

Comment Of The Week

Congraburations HammerSteyn, you know just how to get ahead in life, especially when it comes to getting old games to work.:

InsanityFlea • 15 hours ago
The blowing trick always worked.

Hammersteyn  InsanityFlea • 15 hours ago ?
Not always, I had to do some other things as well to get a new game.

Last Updated: November 15, 2013

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