The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 25 July 2014

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That’s a wrap… July is gone, finished, done for, kaput! August promises butterflies and rainbows and cookies and Gamescom and kittens and traditional wind conditions. IT’S GONNA BE A GOOD ONE! How did we conclude July though? Oh, you know, news stories and stuff! Here’s what happened this week on Lazygamer.

Best Story

So much good news, so little time! It made me happy knowing that ESPN were going to expand their eSports coverage, but then I remembered the new addition to the Lazygamer family. With my impressive place-camera-on-tripod-and-push-record abilities and Sandy’s amazing PC building skills, we put together the new and shiny Evetech Lagzatron 3000. IT’S ALIVE!!!

Worst Story

The universe needs to balance its diet somehow, so it gives us some stories now and then that stab us right in the feels. I couldn’t decide what was worse, YouTube people demanding cash, or Nintendo losing $97 million in the last quarter. Actually, I’ll choose Nintendo. LIVE DAMMIT! I IMPLORE YOU TO LIVE!

Random Story

This category only appears when we cover the most random of stuff. It all seemed like a joke to me at first, but apparently this pelvic muscle device called SKEA is for real and it even has its own Kickstarter page (which is now on $9,116). Words will do no justice, you need to see the video for yourself!

Best ION Header

Decisions decisions! DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! Ok fine, Monika Chantal wins this week because she doesn’t seem to remember where she put her pants.

Most Comments

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of Geoff raking in 105 comments. You all clearly love talking about the voices in your head!

Least Comments

I knew this day would come. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! I’m finally out of the basement, I don’t have the least comments this week! That honour has been swiftly transferred to Darryn, who only went on to receive a literal pity comment on his Pokémon article

Batman Of The Week

Urgh… it’s the same old story here. Move along, nothing to read about Geoff being Batman yet again! I honestly don’t know how he does it. He writes, edits, does the behind-the-scenes stuff, spends time on twitter, and throws insults at my face all without breaking a sweat!

Cabbage Of The Week

Yeah we all know who this sod is, right? I have dreams dammit, dreams of not being the opposite of Batman!

Header Image Of The Week

Geoff is no stranger to Photoshop tomfoolery. If Bryan Mills was ever a Street Fighter character (via some convenient DLC) the game would be completely broken, as he would find everybody and beat the hell out of them.

Comment Of The Week

Oh Cliffy B, what big restaurant opening skills you have. Too bad you will have some or other excuse if it fails, as pointed out by Ryanza:

When the restaurant business doesn’t do so well. He is going to blame the second hand restaurants.

Don’t support DRM

Bonus Premium Content

Who doesn’t like a little something extra? Just by reading this article, you are automatically upgraded to premium member status! Here, have some Starbomb…

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