It seems the office is playing musical chairs lately – someone is always leaving or coming back! This time, it was my week to be back, and this time I wasn’t in the Lazygamer kitchen. Okay, maybe I was.

Best Story

Awesome news of the week – Dendi is coming to South Africa! Well done to SteelSeries and Megarom for bringing him to our shores. I can’t wait to be a satisfied fangirl at rAge.

Worst Story

I seem to have created many monsters with Cookie Clicker. You know it’s the most satisfying and addictive gaming experience you’ve had in a while. Click. Click. Click. Check out those grandmas!

Best ION Header

Fire in the disco

I know you all hate me for this, but I honestly didn’t like the chicks this week, and there were only two to chose from. So, you get some more man meat on this Friday afternoon.

Most Comments

I win! You all had plenty to say about the new Steam Machines (formerly known as Steam Box). Gotta love a Windows vs. Linux debate.

Least Comments

I lose! Apparently no one cared about my indie round up this week. I’m so disappointed in all of you – you’re all so MAINSTREAM!

Batman Of The Week


There was never any hope for the rest of us, as he enforced his reign this week. Darryn is your Batman of the week – now kneel before him!

Best header Image

Jiggly Park

Well done, Darryn – gotta love your Pokemon fossil loving.

Comment of the Week

Your esteemed Admiral Chief gets the award this week for his comment on the Xbox social sharing article. As the trolling (of ME!) spiraled out of control, the topic tuned to vibrating triggers and hilarity ensued:

Her Highness the Hipster
who doesn’t like vibrating triggers?
Alien Emperor Trevor
nervous shooters.
Admiral Chief of Rivia
Premature shot went off?

Last Updated: September 27, 2013

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