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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 31 May 2013

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It’s been another busy week here in the offices. Zoe has driven Gavin mad with website design requests, Geoff has punned it yet again and I’ve been blamed for everything from DRM to the Rand getting an Attitude Adjustment off the top rope from the Dollar. Or in other words, business as usual for us.

Best Story

There’s a new Kingdom Rush game out next week. Will it be able to keep myself and Geoff entertained for our 30 hour flights next week? Nope! Because iPad batteries only last for ten hours when fully charged!


Worst Story

Nobody likes DRM, least of all honest consumers who usually wind up with the brunt of the anti-piracy software and measures. The Xbox One has that kind of forced DRM, but it both makes logical and illogical sense why it’s doing that.

Right now, everyone is flying a PlayStation 4 flag and proclaiming that to be their next-gen console of choice. But Sony hasn’t exactly said anything about not implementing some form of DRM, have they?

Best ION Header


Sasha Cane, the reason why men don’t want to suddenly stand up when they’re near her in a swimming pool.

Most Comments

While I usually enjoy seeing Gavin sabotaged just before he can claim the most comments of the week, it’s also kind of fascinating when Zoe puts all her heart and effort into a story in order to win an award, and then then gets tripped up at the eleventh hour.

So well done Gavin, for your 103 comment story about Microsoft and money.

Least Comments

Gavin also wins the least amount of comments on an article today, for daring to question the might of Disney and their Infinity toybox. Full circle!

Batman Of The Week


There’s a lot of teamwork that goes on behind the scenes with this website, where we give each other aid when needed. Of course, with that being said, I’ am just simply brilliant, know my stuff and this website would be utterly doomed without me. Because I’m Batman. [Editor’s note: i’m not bitter – but he managed this feat using sabotage]

But at least I’m humble. [AND A GIANT CHEAT! nope. Not Bitter.]

Best Header Image


I’m giving this award to myself this week, because Where’s Wally is awesome and if you disagree then you’re probably the type of person who prefers Where’s Waldo instead. You Wally.

Comment Of The Week

Brady Miaau wins this week, for this hella weird rambling about asphyxiated chimps and the Kardashians:

No, no. He is correct. The appropriate action during a Kardashian show to choke a monkey. It is symbolic, you see. Of them. And if kinect detects enough of these actions (Choking monkeys) perhaps they (the Kardashians) will get enough downvotes and be voted off?

I have zero idea what you were talking about son, but I was giggling all the same.

Last Updated: May 31, 2013

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