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The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week (6 February 2015)

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Vader vs shredder

Now that we’re in February, my local stores are filled with chocolates and stupid presents for people to buy the people they love. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, although I accept chocolate any time of year. Of course, with Eskom doing all this load shedding they are already creating such a romantic mood – see, they’re doing it for us. Candle-lit dinners everyone!

Best Story

It was a nice week in gaming – plenty of cool news. We’re finally hearing more about Bloodborne details, Homeward Remastered isn’t going to rely too much on nostalgia and Final Fantasy XIV might be coming to Xbox One soon. But I think the best news was that Mass Effect won’t be following the Dragon Age template and Ubisoft restored fraudulent Far Cry 4 keys.

Worst Story

There were also some less than happy stories, this week. Battlefield: Hardline won’t hit 1080p on consoles – something that actually matters when you’re using precision aiming to kill something in the distance. The worst story, though? A LoL tournament thought it was okay to discriminate against LGBTQ players. They later backtracked with the world’s weakest apology.

Best ION


Finally, a Homegrown Hottie who is a real hottie! Plus, the photographer didn’t feel compelled to smear vaseline over his lens for the picture. Miracle! I still loved Geoff’s Taco ION, but I’ve gotta give this award to the beautiful lady.

Most Comments

There’s an unexpected winner this week. Umar grabs this with his Life is Strange episode 1 review. Well done Umar!

Least Comments

It seems no one cared about my preview for Codename S.T.E.A.M. but that’s fine, FINE you hear me? I can take the hint.

Batman of the Week

Batman undies

We all know that Geoff is more legendary than we could ever be. However, his consistent habit of swooping in and stealing Batman is insane. Curses Geoff, curses!

Best Header Image


The Mugabe meme was lots of fun to play with, but I think Darryn’s made me laugh the most.

Best Comment

Matewis Jubilai grabs this one for his awesome description of his Homeworld victory.

Still remember my finest multiplayer moment with the original at a lan party: I sacrificed all of my small fighters and bombers in a massive suicide attack of my buddy’s, say Kevin, frigate/battleship fleet. He was far too impressed with how he was butchering my attack to hear the one thing you have to always listen out for : “Mothership under attack”. I had teleported every single one of my, at least 30-40, ion frigates to his mothership and was slowly ripping it to shreds. Kevin’s sister even walked by and he gloated to her in front of me about how he was busy wiping out all of my ships. Then, as the last of my fighters disappeared into a fireball, and with a supremely smug expression on his face, he heard the crackling over his com : “Mothership destroyed” đŸ˜€

Bonus Content

This video is still making us laugh far, far too much.

Last Updated: February 6, 2015

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