The good the bad and the ugly of the past week – 10 April 2015

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Hello random citizen, what a pleasant surprise. I have a favour to ask, one that shouldn’t be refused – at least not if you value those kneecaps you make use of everyday. I want you to read the following article aloud like a bedtime story to your co-workers. Go on now, I’m waiting. You’d better do it… or else.

See how easy it is to ignore random threats over the Internet? Good.

Best Stories

I definitely never asked for this, but I am stupidly excited for the newly announced Deus Ex sequel. Bar the terrible boss fights, Human Revolution was fantastic. I can only hope that Mankind Divided fills those large shoes. I like free stuff, you like free stuff… everybody wins! Don’t forget we’re giving away a copy of Mortal Kombat X for the Xbox One. GET OVER THERE!

Lastly, a video that will hopefully make you smile. WINK WINK!

Worst Stories

I hope you don’t mind starting games from scratch. Sadly, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do now in NBA 2K14 with their servers going offline.

What do sticks and carrots have in common? YouTube apparently, because they may be offering their creators more stick than carrot. Creators have to participate in Youtube’s new subscription offering or they will have all their videos set to private. What’s up with that?

Random Stories

Well, you want random, you’ve got random! Here’s a game that punts itself has having hot naked gay cars, big swollen exposed gear sticks, and oozing exhaust pipes. And it’s safe for work. Whaaaaaaaat?

I’m throwing this story here because the header has a certain someone riding a bear carefully hidden in the header image. Also, the headline makes me giggle constantly.

Best ION Header


I don’t care what any of you say. Lasagne <3!

Most Comments

GTA V is going to span seven discs when it finally releases for PC. That apparently, is worth 152 comments. Sheesh… imagine we told you lot how big the install would be were it on CD, or worse, floppy disk!

Least Comments

You know what nobody cares about? Mario Kart’s 200cc or Pac-Man in Minecraft it seems. Both articles, written by Geoff, only accumulated a pitiful 3 comments apiece. It doesn’t matter though because…

Batman Of the Week


Poor Darryn. He was so sure he was Batman this week that he went ahead and sent me the above sketch for inclusion in this article. Sorry D, but Geoff is actually Batman. The image above now belongs to him, best you hand over the rights to it this instant!

Cabbage of the Week


I’m back baby! This award will probably be mine forever, unless every other member of Lazygamer happens to fall off the face of the planet.

Header of the Week


Wow Darryn, I had no idea Julius was such an avid Playstation gamer! Look at that concentration – he is clearly playing Bloodborne.


Honourable member Zoe also gets a mention for photoshopping a header that didn’t make our eyes bleed. Good job!

Comment of the Week

Our favourite commenter this week was easily Ali G. There were far too many to choose from, so here is one of his most recent:

Fittest game none hof me boys iz playin iz gots
to be UNO on facebook. whun dat +4 card comes down I wanna just bust da
tommy in some frackers batty. da trills da excitement lyk drag racin
hof da A1 on da saturday night naffink feel so heavy not evun me Julie’s

Bonus Content

I haven’t watched this for years… be sure to watch all the sequels!

And here’s some NFSW love from Darryn:

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Last Updated: April 10, 2015

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