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The good the bad and the ugly of the past week (13 March 2015)

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RIP Terry

On a day as sad as today, let’s stop making things hard for ourselves and remember Sir Terry Pratchett’s amazing words. “That’s mortals for you, they’ve only got a few years in the world and they spend them all in making things complicated for themselves. Fascinating.” RIP Terry.

Best Story

Evolve is grabbing some free maps as DLC this month, and Ori and the Blind Forest is an awesome game. However, it seems the news that made you all happiest was that GTA V was rolling out online heists early.

Worst Story

It’s hard to top the bad news about Sir Terry Pratchett. However, that’s not our gaming news and there were a bunch of lame stories this week. Local indies aren’t do great on Kickstarter, racist COD threats led to a cop getting fired and Project CARS was hit with yet another delay. But there was far worse news this week. The FPB wants to infringe on internet freedom. Even worse, public outcry has been minimal. So get thee to social media, write emails, do whatever it takes to make your voice heard that you want the FPB to keep their hands off our internet.

Best ION


Our weekend edition lady was my favorite, and since that was technically less than a week ago, I’m declaring her our winner. Way better than that weird one Darryn picked on Monday, and it’s not like Geoff’s food looked particularly appetizing this week (even if it does taste delicious). Besides, it proves that a lady doesn’t need to be in her underwear to be sexy.

Most Comments

Oh Gavin. Love him or hate him, he certainly knows how to get everyone talking. He gave an update on Colin Webster and explained the facts . Of course this grabbed tons of comments and raised some interesting discussions about ethics in eSports.

Least Comments

It seems Darryn’s One-punch article actually managed to snag more than one comment. This is more than we can say about Geoff’s review round-up for Codename S.T.E.A.M. which only garnered one response. Seems sort of fitting considering the mixed reviews and lack of interest in the game.

Batman of the Week


This week I am but a lowly Robin/Nightwing to the glorious Batman that is Geoff. Claiming his place at the top after a few weeks of Darryn’s despotic rule, all seems back to normal.

Best Header

Blades of glory 1

I bow before the photoshop skills. Not only is it the perfect film reference, that face is just fantastic and doesn’t show any of those classic photoshop fails that I would have done if I tried to make this image. One day I’ll learn to be this awesome. One day.

Best Comment

While some people thought it was a joke that Darryn is building a PC, he actually means it. Of course, your comments are massively helpful, but none more so than this one from eXpZA. Well played, sir.

Only buy 1GB of RAM, use USB sticks and enable ReadyBoost. Saves money.
Firewalls are known to reject packets, and packets lead to more FPS. Disable your firewall for a 13% FPS improvement (unless playing games made before 2002. Then enable your firewall, as Firewalls were only invented in 2002 so this should help.)
A common virus is PnkBstrB.exe, make sure to alt tab out of games and kill that .exe in Task Manager. Also leads to 10% more FPS.
Aeroplanes are faster than cars, therefore WiFi is faster than a LAN cable. Always game on WiFi, make sure you’ve set your channel to 6 and your WiFi type to a or b.
The faster your hard drive spins, the more likely data is to go flying off of it. Make sure you get a 5,400 RPM drive and not a 7,200RPM. Don’t go for SSD drives, as they wipe your data as soon as you lose your PC (as they’re just fancy RAM hard drives).
SMS me if you need more help.

Bonus Content

While the best tribute we can pay to Sir Terry Pratchett is to read and love his words, here are the last words he ever spoke on TV.

Last Updated: March 13, 2015

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