The good the bad and the ugly of the past week – 2 April 2015

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Sheesh, I’ve truly slaved away this week. I can count the number of articles I’ve written so far on one hand! Coincidentally, I typed them all with the very same hand because I was too busy using the other to stuff my face with Oreos. NOMNOMNOM zero credibility tastes so good!

Before you run off to enjoy your long weekend (I’m sure many of you took half day), check out the news you may have missed this week…

Best Stories

Don’t forget, we’re giving away an awesome Bloodborne prize! We really want to see people suffer… erm… win. Be sure to enter if you’re a sucker for punishment… I MEAN JOY! In other fantastic news, the cabbage to employee ratio in Lazygamer has gone up once more. REJOICE!

Worst Stories

Thanks to Geoff’s kind loan of his Wii U over December, I got to experience the amazing ZombiU. It makes me super sad that a game that good went by unnoticed by many, and as a result, there will be no sequel.

When last did you play Minecraft? Remember how competitive it was, you know, when your digital neighbour had cooler buildings than you did and you needed to resort to swatting? Yeah me neither, which is why I think this is one of the most ridiculous cases of it I’ve read about.

Lastly, Zelda won’t be arriving this year. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of Sandy crying himself to sleep each night.

In other terrible news, the cabbage to employee ratio in Lazygamer has gone up once more. OH DEAR!

Random Stories

A hardcore gaming onesie… MADE OF 100% WIN? Please excuse me while I ask Gavin to pay me early so I can rush out and order IMMEDIATELY! We always suspected that Darryn was the most sadistic Sims player in the world. Then we read these stories… Darryn now looks like an angel.

It was April Fools’ yesterday. It brought with it a bunch of random, fake news. Zoe rounded some of the better ones up for your viewing pleasure right here.

Best ION Header


I know you’d all destroy me if I chose food or tech over a model on my week back. So with my cowardice in mind, it’s easy to see why Samantha Baily wins the ION header award this week.

Most Comments

In a completely unrigged manner, this article has won the most comments – raking in a whopping 154 of them. Sheesh, you all had a lot of hate for that onesie!

Least Comments

One poor staff member wrote an article that ended up with one measly comment. I’ll give you a clue. His name starts with a ‘d’ and ends with an ‘arryn’.

Batman Of the Week

Zoe right now

It was a tough week with some stiff competition. Zoe had more batarangs up her sleeve though, and walks away with the Batman Batgirl of the week award!

Cabbage Of the Week

Literally Sandy

The rules explicitly state that I am ineligible for this award because I haven’t been here a full week yet. With that in mind, the award should rightly go to Gavin, because he is right at the bottom of the food chain at the moment. Upon hearing this news, he threatened to fire me, which is why Sandy is now the sad ginger cabbage kid in the picture above. Sorry porra bro!

Header of the week


I received a hefty bribe to make this header of the week. Little does Geoff know that it would’ve won even without his millions of randelas. Jason? JASON? JAAAAAAAAASSOOON!!

Comment of the Week

HvR wins the award this week with this gem of a comment on April Fools’ day:

Another 3 jokes:……

Best gags I ever did see!

This gets a bonus mention too because it made giggle endlessly, as well as question whether I really am just another case of it. Hammersteyn hits the nail right on the head upon reading that I am back with the Lazygamer crew once more:

Worst case of Stockholm syndrome ever this.

Bonus Content

Who doesn’t love some extra goodies? Here’s Darryn’s video for the week:

And Zoe’s:

And mine (thanks to Geoff). Put your sound down for the first 5 seconds:

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Last Updated: April 2, 2015

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