The good the bad and the ugly of the past week

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Gather round boys and girls, people of all ages. Behind this curtain I’ve got something so incredible, so hideous, that it can only be revealed on a Friday. That’s right, it’s the internal workings of Lazygamer loving. What? Don’t run away – we promise it won’t scar you for life! At least, not visibly.

Best Story

It seems we were graced with a variety of good news this week. A local indie is nominated for an award, TESO is going free to play, Nintendo still has its charm in Japan and idiot “hackers” got hacked.

But the best news? Microsoft is finally going to allow cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One. It’s what we’ve been wanting for a long time, and might just change the whole nature of the console war.

Worst Story

In bad news, productivity is about to drop to an all-time low with Theme Hospital free on Origin. Worse, though, Minecraft usernames and passwords were leaked. But don’t worry, there weren’t many. Still, probably best to change your passwords… again.

Best ION Header


Sorry everyone. Darryn has been gracing us with some excellent looking women now that he doesn’t need to deliver every day, but nothing can beat Vietnamese food. Combining French techniques with Asian flavors – if you haven’t tried it, you really need to make a plan and do so.

Most Comments

I win I win I win! You guys had lots to say about League of Legends Championships returning to Europe, although not really about the eSports side of things. Thanks to my amazing photoshop, it was all about if Scotty knows and kielbasa.

Least Comments

Take the good with the bad, I suppose. People didn’t have much to say about my game jam post. I guess none of you want to make your own games this weekend.

Batman of the Week

Bat lunch

It’s so cute. Alessandro actually believes each week that he will win Batman, and then has his dreams brutally crushed. This week, the ultimate crusher was Geoff, proving to us all that we are useless and should just bow before him.

Header Image of the Week


There were a few contenders, but only Geoff’s header continued to make me giggle even days later.

Comment of the Week

In honor of a very special community member, we’ve decided that there should be seven winners. First up, Jaded Reprobate’s comment about Nintendo:

They don’t understand the need for chargers either…
EDIT: I think Eskom has a stake in Nintendo… they don’t seem to understand the need for power either

Okay, I lied, I’m not giving seven awards because nobody has time for that. But you should go have a laugh at Hammersteyn’s brilliant use of GIF. Also, thanks to Geoff’s twitter research, we finally have clarity:

Bonus Content

You made it this far! I have some rewarding videos for you.

This one is a bit NSFW, so I’m only going to give a link instead of the embed… you know, just in case. And, because Geoff did the latest and greatest form of Rick Rolling, you need to watch this:

Last Updated: January 23, 2015

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