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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week (11 January 2013)

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It’s back! The best, the worst and the downright most hilarious bits of the past week in news, all summarised up like a Varsity exam paper! So let’s skip the pleasantries, and get down to business in the first weekly wrap-up of the year!

Most comments

Once again, it looked like my overzealous game-burning article was going to net me top honours this week, but like the absolute fiend that he is, Geoff stole the most comments award from me.


His post on the Playstation 3 beating the Xbox 360 in sales figures earned him 146 comments, and my undying fist-shaking hatred in the process.

Least comments

On the opposite end of that spectrum, Yolanada managed to score a whopping two comments on her story about shoutcasting. I bet that right now, she’s on the office roof venting her frustration about being the first 2013 recipient of this infamous prize.

Shout, shout, let it all out!

Best ION header


Mid-riffs and lingerie (and Photoshop!), ‘nuff said Natalia Velez.

Best story of the week

I love my consoles, but with all these steamy new boxes and gaming sticks arriving on the market soon, I’m worried that they’ll be dead Jim!

Well not so, according to this article! Bring out yer RROD!

Worst story of the week

The Razer’s Edge is the dumbest gaming idea we’ve heard about in a long time. And I’m the guy that still once owned a Virtual Boy 3D.

Bat-Manuel of the week


Gavin installed a plug-in this week into our Borg-operated mainframe, that he had designed himself. Simply called Batman, the plug-in takes a look at who had the most impact this week. And I’m proud to say that in this one and only instance where we’ll see such an award, yours truly was Bat-Manuel of the week.

Aww yeah.

Header of the week


Geoff can have the award this week, solely because he tapped into the one thing I hate (Shrek movies), and did something that that franchise could never do.

Create actual humour.

Best comment

For making Gavin bleed out of his ears, best comment of the week goes to Matty Fig for sparking a string of wonderful puns, which soon saw more contributions from other readers;

BOOM! Halo can kiss my Unchartered ass! Er… wait…

It just went downhill from there. But in a  good way at least.

Last Updated: January 11, 2013

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