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The Gran Turismo movie gets some more details

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When I first heard that Sony and Polyphony were working with Hollywood on a Gran Turismo movie, I had pretty much the exact same reaction as everyone else. Namely me scratching my head and saying “wha-huh now?”. Thing is, Sony may actually have a solid idea here. Because Gran Turismo the movie is going to be a mix of both the game and real life.

First off, a quick bit of background. Ever heard of the Gran Turismo Academy? Thanks to the game actually been pretty realistic, especially when played on a proper rig, a full-on international academy that selects the best players of GT and trains them to use actual real-world cars has been pretty successful.

The GT Academy has churned out plenty of champions, in all manner of racing leagues and events. And for the film, Polyphony Digital’s Kaunori told Destructoid that filmmakers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti will be helping to develop the project, Lucas Ordonez is going to take the center stage, with his personal story of digital to real driving dominating the film.

It’s actually not a bad premise for a film, because everyone loves an underdog. Factor in the common misconception that gaming can do nothing good for you in life, and this film could be a contender for the podium when it eventually releases.

Last Updated: August 22, 2013

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